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Born and raised in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, our founder, Kazuya “Kazy” Kurokawa, came to Dallas with a dream — to share his culture and love of Japanese food with as many people as possible. A pioneer in introducing Japanese foods to early Dallas, his influence can be seen today in the quality and abundance of Japanese restaurants in the area.

As Japanese cuisine gained popularity, Mr. Kazy’s modest store evolved to serve the wholesale market and capture an even larger audience. Mr. Kazy’s original purpose still rings strong and we pride ourselves on the food served in our sushi bar and products sold in our grocery store.


With over 40 years of experience, we've earned a reputation in the wholesale industry as a trusted source for delivering top notch fresh fish, frozen seafood and Japanese ingredients. Our commitment to quality starts with a complete training of all Kazy's staff in safely handling fresh and frozen seafood. Trained by the FDA, we strictly adhere to all city, state, and federal health department regulations. We source all our products from reputable vendors and continue to prioritize food safety, quality and customer satisfaction.Although Kazy passed away in 2010, his business and legacy carries on under the new leadership of his daughter, Akemi, and longtime general manager, Roda. Today, we remain dedicated to Mr. Kazy's dream by continuing to share our culture and cuisine,ensuring that high-quality fish is accessible to everyone —residents, visitors and restaurants alike. Since our humble beginnings, our ethos has remained steadfast — providing customers with a superior level of service and the freshest, safest and best tasting Japanese ingredients available.

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Compliance with the US FDA guidelines for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.